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Created: 2023-12-19 03:40:10.302489 UTC

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"Name: data-default-class\nVersion:\nCabal-Version: >= 1.6\nCategory: Data\nSynopsis: A class for types with a default value\nBuild-Type: Simple\nLicense: BSD3\nLicense-File: LICENSE\nAuthor: Lukas Mai\nMaintainer: <[email protected]>\n\nsource-repository head\n type: git\n location: https://github.com/mauke/data-default\n\nLibrary\n Build-Depends: base >=2 && <5\n if impl(ghc == 7.4.*)\n -- for GHC.Generics\n Build-Depends: ghc-prim\n Exposed-"

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