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"\" Add the following to your .vimrc to automatically load this on startup\n\n\" if filereadable(\".vim.custom\")\n\" so .vim.custom\n\" endif\n\nfunction StripTrailingWhitespace()\n let myline=line(\".\")\n let mycolumn = col(\".\")\n silent %s/ *$//\n call cursor(myline, mycolumn)\nendfunction\n\n\" enable syntax highlighting\nsyntax on\n\n\" search for the tags file anywhere between here and /\nset tags=TAGS;/\n\n\" highlight tabs and trailing spaces\nset listchars=tab:\226\128\151\226\128\151,trail:\226\128\151\nset list\n\n\" f2 runs hasktags\nmap <F2> :exec"

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