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"/*\n * The original code was developed by Samuel Neves, and has been\n * only lightly modified.\n *\n * Used with permission.\n */\n#pragma GCC target(\"sse4.1\")\n\n#include <smmintrin.h>\n#include \"siphash.h\"\n\n// Specialized for siphash, do not reuse\n#define rotate16(x) _mm_shufflehi_epi16((x), _MM_SHUFFLE(2,1,0,3))\n\n#define _mm_roti_epi64(x, c) (((c) == 16) ? rotate16((x)) : _mm_xor_si128(_mm_slli_epi64((x), (c)), _mm_srli_epi64((x), 64-(c))))\n//#define _mm_roti_epi64(x, c) _mm_xor_si128(_mm_slli_epi64((x), (c)), "

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